Creating a fun and joyful way to enjoy the blessings of nature

Kafukudo Kitchen is a small shop located at Hakodate, Hokkaido that provides a fun way to enjoy nature's bounty. From our kitchen, we have created signature sweets using white sweet potatoes and pumpkins grown from the fields of Assabu town.

“Hakodate Yukinko” is sweet that is wrapped in soft and spongy rice cakes which reminiscent of the first snowfall.

  • Starting with peeling freshly harvested potatoes that are delivered from Assabu's field.
  • The white sweet potato “Kogane-Senkan” will turn into golden brown when steamed.
  • Sweet potatoes and pumpkins are then pureed by hand in order to preserve the ingredients flavor.
  • Pureed ingredients are blended with Hakodate milk only using fresh milk harvested in the Donan area, to make smooth paste.
  • Bake it slowly in the oven, and it will turn into a paste that full of nature's bounty.
  • Fresh cream is whisked and sweetened moderately until the tips stand up.
  • The paste is carefully divided, rounded one by one and topped with fresh whipped cream.
  • Finally, “Hakodate Yukinko”, a Daifuku reminiscent of the first snowfall is completed by folding each paste with soft and spongy rice cakes.
  • Handmade sweets with a soft and fluffy texture made in Hokkaido: Hakodate Yukinko (Plain flavor)
  • The soft and flaky texture of pumpkin: Hakodate Yukinko
  • The sweetness of natural ingredients and the subtle aroma of cherry blossoms, Hakodate Yukinko (Sakura flavor).
  • Refreshingly rich and elegantly flavored with Uji green tea: Hakodate Yukinko (Matcha flavor)

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