Store Information

Kafukudo Kitchen Headquarters and Factory

1-25 Location: 1-25 Oiwake-cho, Hakodate
Open: From Monday until Saturday
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
TEL:0138-62-6077  TEL: 0138-62-6077

This is the maturation room where we stored the crops that arrived from the fields.

The main entrance of Kafukudo Kitchen’s main factory.

This is a direct sales store of our own products at the head office.

Kitchen Car

Kafukudo Kitchen, Headquarters Garage

Location: 1-25 Oiwake-cho, Hakodate (Inside the garage of head office first floor)
Closed: Wednesday
Business hours: 11:00 – 17:00

HakodateYukinko(plain, pumpkin), Rich Yukinko Soft-served ice cream White Sweet Potatoes, etc. on sale.

This is a direct sales store where you can eat Kafukudo Kitchen’s products on the spot.

Exterior view of the direct sales store and headquarters.

The garage store also offers a Rich Yukinko Soft-served ice cream that can only be found here.

Souvenir Shops

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